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About Lush Palm / Surf Blog
Hi! We’re Eric and Tara Hilliard, a married couple of travel and ocean-loving surfers. Ever since we first met in May 2013, we’ve thought a lot about what our ideal life might look like. After some deep pondering and soul searching, we decided we wanted to take a break from the daily grind and leave corporate America to try on a more nomadic lifestyle.

A lifestyle that includes (but isn’t limited to) a whole lot of travel, surf, adventure, time, and as cliché as it sounds, the freedom to go where the wind takes us.

After a whole lot of planning, plotting, and saving, we said sayonara to our jobs and took off on a round-the-world surf expedition in October 2016, AKA Mission: Endless Summer. We started Lush Palm so we could share our adventures, and keep you in the loop about all the cool things we encounter along the way.

We hope you enjoy Lush Palm as much as we enjoy creating it. And if we inspire even just a few people to go to a new place and smile at a stranger in the lineup, then we’ll be happy campers.



We want to be spontaneous in our travels, so our plans could definitely change, but here’s our rough draft route so far…

10/1 • Mexico (driving) We drove up to Santa Cruz and San Francisco instead

10/9 • Drove down the coast to Baja Mexico

10/18 • California Coast Road Trip (driving/camping LA >>> Big Sur)

10/30 • San Diego >> Hawaii (2 months in Oahu)

12/30 • Hawaii >> Samoa (3.5 weeks in Samoa)

1/24 • Samoa >> Fiji (10 days in Northern Fiji) 

2/4 • Fiji >> Auckland (5 weeks in New Zealand) 

3/14 • Christchurch >> Brisbane 

4/14 • Melbourne >> Bali 

6/22 • Bali >> Thailand 

7/8 • Thailand >> Maldives 

7/18 • Maldives >> Sri Lanka 

7/28 Sri Lanka >> Nepal ($350) monsoon season means we’ll have to do Nepal another time

7/30 • Sri Lanka >> Athens 

3 months in Europe

We were planning on going to Nepal and northern India, which would have been fine in May, as we previously planned, but we changed our schedule a bit which landed us there in June, which is monsoon season and wouldn’t be a great choice. So for now instead of filling that time with another location we’d rather just leave it open to give us more flexibility to discover a new place while we’re on the road.

It’s been fun mapping out our route, but also a bit challenging, as we’re trying to hit a whole lot of surf destinations at (at least) decent times for surf. 

We’d love your thoughts and insights on your favorite surf destinations. Where should we go?! Please give us a holler on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!