Epic Surf Art to Add Groovy Surf Vibes to Your Space

If you’re a surf enthusiast, when you’re not surfing, you likely definitely spend quite a bit of time thinking about surfing. And all this thinking about surf and the glorious beach life probably affects other parts of your life as well – where you travel (surf trip, every trip), your friends (surf crew), favorite foods (behold, the bliss of the post-surf burrito!), and of course, your abode.  

When you’re a surf-loving maniac, a surfy house is a happy house. And besides lining up your whole quiver in your living room, the best way to add some surf and beach vibes to your casa is with some groovy surf art.

Lucky for us, there are tons of talented photographers and artists creating beautiful surf-inspired art that are a huge upgrade from the surf posters of our youth.

coastal wall art - framed canvas art of breaking wave
Ride I – by Shari Margolin / framed canvas print

For your surf-shack decorating pleasure, we’ve rounded up a collection of surf photography and surf art you can buy online, and many pieces are available in multiple sizes and frame types so you can customize your piece to perfectly fit your space.

This collection isn’t limited to an overly literal interpretation of ‘surf art,’ as it includes many different elements that evoke surf vibes. Coastal scenes, the ocean, beach, waves, surfboards, sunshine, surf-mobiles – even the colors of the sunset can bring an essence of surfing into your space.  

Whether you’re decking out one surf-inspired room or you have serious goals to create the ultimate surf bungalow, here’s a collection of especially radical surf art for your home.

NOTE: Many of the art pieces below are available in multiple sizes and also have many different framing options, so there is a wide range of pricing depending on your preferred size and framing. The prices listed below are for the smallest size available without a frame, unless noted. The pricing will scale up depending on size and framing.

Surf Art Prints

Surf room decor - Coastal scene art pair

Scirocco I & Scirocco II – by Nikita Jariwala / multiple sizes from $24

Surf Art Print of man surfing in the stars

 Cosmic Surfer Art Print – by Vertigo Artography / $37+

Beach wall art canvas print of a retro sun

Sunshine State Canvas Art Print – by Circa 78 Designs / $69+

Surf Art Print - Line drawing of a hand making a shaka sign

Minimal Line Art Shaka Poster – by Nadja / $10+

Coastal Wall Art Print of retro sun

 Sun Retro Art III Art Print – by Nadja / $27+

Surf Art Print of a women holding a surfboard

Born From a Wave Art Print – by Tasiania / $24+

Surf print about surfboards tails

 Surfboard Tails poster – by Rekizo Design / $10+

blue wave art print

Crashing Waves Art Print – by Kym Fulmer / $39

Beach wall art featuring a sun

 New Dawn – by Maja Cunningham / $38+

North Shore Oahu surf art print

 See Oahu’s North Shore – by Nick Kuchar / 12 x 18 / $25

wave art - surfer girl surfing a wave

 Surfer Girl Print – by Samira Dappen / $28.90+

Pray for Surf art print

Pray For Surf Art Print – by TheTypeSaysItAll / $33+

abstract wave art print

 Ocean Minimalism Art Print – by forgetme / $30

Surf Art Print  of types of Surfboards

 Vintage Surfboards Art Print – by Studio Tuesday / $38+

wave art

 Surf’s Up Art Print – by Elliott Stokes / $24+

fish surfboard art print

 Fish Surfboard Print – by orangeandpark / 12″ x 12″ / $18

Beach wall art of a Birds of Paradise Flower

 heliconia 3 – by Kamala Nahas / $24+

Oahu surf map surf prints

 Oahu Surf Maps Series – by Nick Kuchar / 3 prints / $75

wave art - surfer girl surfing a wave

 Surfer Girl Print – by Samira Dappen / $22.55+

california coastal towns art print

 California Coastal Counties Print – by orangeandpark / 12” x 12” / $18

Coastal Wall Art of a woman in bathing suit

 Summer Swim Illustration Art Print – by The Colour Study / $19+

Art print of surfers surfing a wave together

Sharing is Caring – by Tasiania / $24+

Modern Coastal Wall art depicting the Birth of Venus

Birth of Venus – by Nick Barclay / 16” x 13”, framed / $100

Art print of sun going into the ocean

 Ocean Sunset Minimalism Art Print – by forgetme / $30+

Surf Art Print illustration with surfer girls

 Longboard Heaven Art Print – by Isabelle Vandeplassche / $36+

Surf Photography

Surf photography print of two surfers walking with their surfboards

 Surfers Art Print – by Max Wanger / $19+

girl with surfboard on oceanview balcony

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Surf photography print of surfer waiting for waves with birds flying by

 Flight – by Stephanie Sherman / $24+

Surf photography print of surfer in barrel at Banzai Pipeline Oahu

 Banzai Pipeline Print – by Devin Becker / $29+

Surf photography print of VW bus with surfboards on the roof

 Superior Surf Art Print – by Connor Nelson / $29+

Vintage surf photography print of people running on the beach with surfboards

Running in Water with Surfboards, 1960s – by Tom Kelley / 17″ x 17″, framed / $295+

Surf photography print of surfers at a surf break at sunset

County Line Art Print – by Max Wanger / $19+

Surf photo art print of rainbow in large wave

Rainbow Wave Print – by Devin Becker / $29+

Vintage style surf photo of a man doing a shoulder stand on a surfboard

Island Yogi – by Amanda Phelps / $24+

Surf photography print of a surfer walking on beach with surfboard

Sunset Beach – by Drew Doggett / 33 X 24 / $1,650

Vintage surf photography print of people at the beach with surfboards

 Friends Having Fun on Beach – by Tom Kelley / 25” x 17”, framed / $425+

Surf room decor - Photography print of legs sticking up out of the ocean

Cape Cod Summer – by Pascal Shirley / 20.5” x 30”, framed / $395+

Vintage surf photography print of a party wave

Surfing Derby, 1972 – Getty Images Archive / 25” X 17”, framed / $425

Surf photography print of surfers waiting for waves

Surf Crew – by Natalie Obradovich / 22” X 30”, framed / $299+

Beach wall art of a VW bus at the beach

Greenbrier Art Print – by Max Wanger / $19+

Black and white surf photography print

Surf BW – by Christine Flynn / framed / $225+

Vintage surf photography print of surfers in Laguna Beach - surf art

Surfing in Laguna Beach, 1970 – by Slim Aarons / framed / $425+

Surf photography print of surf jeep driving on the beach

Gone Surfing – by Connor Nelson / $29+

Photography print of two palm trees in the sky

Twins Art Print – by Max Wanger / $19+

Drone surf photography print

Waiting on Waves – by Jessica Rice / $24+

Misc. Surf Wall Art

Modern Pacific Coast tide clock - surf room decor

Pacific Coast Tide Clock – by Salty / $89

coastal wall art - Sun Gradient Tufted Wall Hanging

Sun Gradient Tufted Wall Hanging / $129

Surf Art - Pray for surf wall hanging in bedroom

Pray for Surf Tapestry – by le meesh art / $79+

Good vibes wall hanging surf art

Good Vibes Tufted Tapestry / $29

Retro wall art hanging with a yellow sun

Mini Sun Tufted Flag Tapestry / $24

Surf art - yin yang wall hanging

Yin Yang Tufted Tapestry / $29

Surf Art for Kids Rooms

surfing room decor for kids with vw bus art print

Green VW Bus Print – by Moriland Art / digital download / $9.70

Surfing room kids art with Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez Retro Surf Art – by surfy birdy / 3′ x 3′ Wood Wall Art (or Print) / $150

Surf Art Print with skateboarders and surfers

Skateboarding in 70s Art Print – by Tasiania / $24+

rainbow wave koala art print perfect for surfing room for kids

Dream Surfer Art Print – by Andy Westface / $22+

art print that says 'make waves'

 Make Waves Print – by P Hirst / $10+

kids surf art - surf girl surfing wave

Stay Golden Sun Child – by surfy birdy / $23+

Art print of surfers surfing a wave together

 Party Wave Art Print – by Los O’Chapos / $20+

art print of surfer girls surfing waves

 Wave Sisters – by Tasiania / $20+

VW bus surf print - kids room

Jungle Camper Art Print – by Ambers Textiles / $19+

Surf art print of girls surfing

Queens Art Print – by Tasiania / $24+

Surf Art for kids room

Surfing Kids Art Print – by Tasiania / $24+

ocean surf art print perfect for a surfing themed room for kids

Tropical Vibes – by surfy birdy / $23+

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Want to give a shout out for your favorite surf artist or surf photographer? Or have any questions about surf art?

Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Epic Surf Art to Add Groovy Surf Vibes to Your Space”

  1. Hello! Where was the picture Gone Surfing – by Conner Nelson taken? Thank you! Maria.

    • Hi Maria – The photographer doesn’t say, but my best guess is that it could be the Oregon Coast! Cheers

  2. The Volkswagen prints are awesome. Would love to see some Land Rover pieces added to the list. Nothing more iconic than a Defender or Discovery (LR3 / LR4) with some boards slapped together on the shore.

    • Yes, agreed! There’s something special about rad cars plus rad boards. I know some great photographers with awesome Land Rover prints… I have to add them!