The Sweatsuit Onesie: Rad Post-Surf Threads or Totally Ridiculous?

As the water is getting increasingly colder in Southern California as we get into the winter, I’m not going to lie- I’m kinda a wuss. Or, as I like to say, I’m just a warm water kinda gal.

So when I ran into this sweatsuit onesie by Onepiece, a part of me was like- “that’s the perfect thing to snuggle into after getting out of a long surf session in the California winter.” And the other part of me was like “that thing is so freaking ridiculous you have to be kidding me.”

Onepiece sweatsuit onesie

But then I keep going back to how cozy it is… and maybe it’s one of those things that’s just so ridiculous, so uncool, that it’s totally cool. I’ve kinda gone full circle and I think I want one in every color.

Oh and you can even get all matchy-matchy. Onesie’s for the whole family! This could either be the best idea ever, or the worst, most horrible moment in fashion we’ll all be ashamed about in 10 years.

Onepiece sweatsuit onesie

Hey Beyoncé has been photographed wearing like five of these things, so, hmm, still not sure… Is it the perfect post-surf outfit, or totally ridiculous? Maybe both.


What do you think? To onesie, or not to onesie? That is the question.


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