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Curfboard Surfskates / Designed for Smooth Rides & High Speeds

Here’s a Hot Tip for all you surfers out there looking to uplevel your surf skills as quickly as possible: spend more …

what is a kook; surfer falling off surfboard

What is a Kook? (And How to Avoid Being One)

If you spend enough time around surfers, you’ll eventually hear the word “kook.” It’s a classic part of our vernacular, one that …

Best Surfing Books: Barbarian Days

28 Best Surfing Books & Surf Coffee Table Books

Let’s be honest for a second—surfers aren’t exactly known for being academics. While there are plenty of well-read and well-spoken members of …

Four colorful surfboards of multiple different sizes lined up at the side of a pool

How to Buy the Right Surfboard

Learning how to choose the right surfboard can be the difference between reveling in the joy of surfing your new board (yeeeew!) …

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Puerto Escondido Surf & Travel Guide / Where to Surf, Stay, & Play

Located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca and serving as the de facto center of Mexican big wave surfing, Puerto Escondido has …

coastal wall art - framed canvas art of breaking wave

Epic Surf Art to Add Groovy Surf Vibes to Your Space

If you’re a surf enthusiast, when you’re not surfing, you likely definitely spend quite a bit of time thinking about surfing. And …

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