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Welcome to Lush Palm. We’re surf travel enthusiasts on a mission to help you live your best surf life. On this page you’ll find some of our top surf travel guides, surf gear roundups, and most popular surf trippin’ resources. (To keep in touch with the latest and greatest, sign up for our emails.)

Local Surf Guides

encinitas surf guide

Encinitas, California

A Surfer’s Guide on Where to Surf, Eat, Stay, and Play

highway 1 surf guide

Highway 1 Road Trip

A Surfer’s Guide to the California Coast

tamarindo surf guide

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

A Local’s Guide on Where to Surf, Eat, Stay, and Play

venice california surf guide

Venice, California

A Local’s Guide on Where to Surf, Eat, Stay, and Play

kilauea kauai surf guide

Kilauea, Kauai

Pro Surfer Leila Hurst’s Guide to Her Hometown

skeleton bay namibia surf guide

Skeleton Bay, Namibia

A Surfer’s Guide to Tackling The Ultimate Barrel

gold coast surf guide

Gold Coast, Australia

A Local’s Guide to the Best of the Goldie

north shore oahu surf guide

North Shore, Oahu

A Surfer’s Guide on Where to Surf, Eat, Stay, and Play

northern peru surf guide

Northern Peru

A Surfer’s Guide to Chicama and beyond

canggu bali surf guide

Canggu, Bali

A Local’s Guide on Where to Surf, Eat, Stay and Play

tahiti surf guide

Tahiti Island

Pro surfer and Teahupo’o local Vahine Fierro’s Guide to Tahiti

taghazout morocco surf guide

Taghazout, Morocco

Surfing Morocco’s Big Blue Bombs

Surf Travel Essentials

surf trip packing list guide

Surf Trip Packing List

An Epic List of Travel Essentials for the Surfing Nomad

surfboard bag fees guide

Surfboard Bag Fees

The Ultimate Guide to the Best and Worst Airlines for Surfboard Bag Fees

active skin repair article

All-in-One First Aid

All-Natural First Aid Solution for Surfers. Treats reef rash, cuts, sunburns, bites…

surf travel 101 article

Surf Travel 101

11 Planning Tips Every Surfer Should Know

image of surfer launching off closeout wave

Travel Insurance

Get Easy Coverage with World Nomads Travel Insurance

dry bags round up article

Dry Bags Roundup

The 5 Best Dry Bags to Protect Your Stuff On Adventures

Surf Gear

beginner surfboards guide

Beginner Surfboards

Best Beginner Surfboards, from Long to Short

mens wetsuit guide

Men’s Wetsuit Guide

The Best Men’s Wetsuits

womens wetsuit guide

Women’s Wetsuit Guide

Best Women’s Wetsuits for Any Temperature

soft top surfboard roundup article

Soft Top Surfboards

11 Rad Foam Surfboards For Every Surfer

shortboard buyers guide

Shortboard Buyer’s Guide

How to Find Your Next Magic Stick

surfboard brands roundup article

Surfboard Brands

13 Surfboard Brands with Epic Style

surfboard buyers guide

Surfboard Buyer’s Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Surfboards

surfboard racks roundup article

Cool Surfboard Racks

13 of the Coolest Surfboard Racks Ever

womens surf swimwear guide

Women’s Surf Swimwear

The Best Women’s Surf Brands


surf resort guide

Surf Resort Guide

A Collection of the Best Surf Resorts and Surf Camps in the World

outdoorsy campervan rentals

Campervan Rentals

Find and book your perfect campervan rental with Outdoorsy

surf camps for adults roundup article

Surf Camps For Adults

Surf, eat, sleep, repeat. Check out these awesome surf camps around the globe.


campervan roundup article blue vintage vw bus

Campervan Rental USA

20 Awesome Campervans for Rent in the United States

california campervan rentals vintage yellow vw with surfboards on it

California Campervan Rentals

6 Campervan Rentals for the Ultimate California Coast Road Trip

hwy 1 road trip guide bixby creek bridge with campervan driving across

Highway 1 Road Trip

A Surfer’s Guide to the California Coast

surfers sitting in camping chairs looking at surf

Beach Campgrounds in California

Best Beach Camping in California for Surfing

glowing tent under moonlight sky

Camping in California

11 Tips Every Camper Should Know

vw van with picturesque mountain lake scenery

UK Campervan Rentals

12 Awesome Campervan Rentals in the UK