Hakuna Wear / Worry-Free Swimwear Designed to Stay On in the Surf

hakuna wear womens surf suit

It doesn’t take a scientist to design women’s swimwear that stays on in the surf. But having a scientific background when designing swimwear certainly couldn’t hurt.

Case in point, Hakuna Wear, a new swimwear label on a mission to make worry-free swimwear for active people.

Founder Jessica Boynton is a surfing PhD chemist by day, swimwear designer by night, and in typical scientist fashion (if there is such a thing), she’s smart, practical, and she designs suits that are smart and practical. Also, darn sexy.

hakuna wear surf suit
hakuna wear

Being in startup phase, Hakuna Wear currently has one suit in production, with a couple more designs poised to launch in the near future. The Cloud 9 is a one-piece surf suit designed to weather the gnarliest of surf and compliment your body in all the right places.

hakuna wear

The suit comes complete with a pocket and key loop, and a comfortable yet snug fit to prevent any nip slips, full moons, and the dreaded lineup flash of doom. The suit is made with 1mm geoprene (an eco-friendly limestone-based neoprene) so you have a bit of extra warmth when you need it.

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In mid-2019 Hakuna Wear will be launching additional suits in the line–bikinis and one pieces created with fabrics made with eco-friendly materials made from recycled ocean plastic and Yulex Natural Rubber.

While we don’t have scientific proof that chemists make superior swimwear, we have a strong hypothesis that these rockin’ surf suits will be a hit.

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hakuna wear surf suit

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