Longboard Surfboard Roundup / 34 Badass Longboards for Your Quiver

Ah, the glorious longboard surfboard! Cruisey, graceful, and a helluva lot of fun, longboards are purveyors of pure joy in the ocean. It makes no difference if you’re a longboard enthusiast or an avid shortboarder, the euphoric glide of a longboard can’t be denied.

While the size and nature of longboards make for great beginner surfboards, don’t make the mistake of thinking longboards are just for beginners–many incredibly talented surfers have chosen to dedicate their surf lives to mastering the art of dancing on a longboard.

Many would agree that longboarding is the most graceful style of surfing–with long drawn out lines, noseriding, stylish trimming, fancy footwork, and plenty of hotdogging.

Christian Barker, aka @wispy_, on a McTavish surfboard / shot by @fabien_voileau

Longboards typically range from 9 to 12 feet long and 20 to 24 inches wide. Like all categories of surfboards, longboards come in a variety of designs to suit different styles, abilities, and waves. While there are many different variations, we’ll quickly breakdown a few main types of longboards: the high-performance longboard, traditional longboard (AKA log), and soft-top longboard.

High-performance longboards are designed with a little more rocker, more advanced rails, bottom contours, and lighter weight that give the rider more maneuverability and the ability to surf more aggressively. Traditional logs have more traditional rails and bottom contours and are typically made with a heavier weight fiberglass which carries momentum through flat sections and gives you more stability for walking and noseriding.

longboard surfing
Longboarding queen Honolua Blomfield / photo by @avalon.gall

Soft top surfboards are made from a softer foam material and are super buoyant, easy to paddle, and resilient. Once considered the lame ugly duckling of surfboards, soft tops have become pretty darn cool the past few years and they’re now made in all types of shapes and sizes. Soft top longboards are perfect for beginner surfers, but you’ll also find skilled surfers taking them out on small mushy days, or to play around in the surf without worrying about dinging their boards.

Not only are longboards a whole lot of fun, but they also enable you to surf in more conditions, which of course, means that you can surf more days. With a longboard, you’ll easily get into waves that your shortboard can’t get close to catching. Two-foot mushy waves on the forecast? Longboard to the rescue! High tide fat rollers coming in? Longboard time. Feeling hungover and lazy? Hello, longboard 🙂

Whether you’ve been surfing for two years or thirty, having at least one longboard in your quiver will allow you to surf in more conditions and have a blast doing it. To help you in your quest for the perfect longboard, here’s a list of 34 badass longboards and their shapers to get you inspired.

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Longboard Surfboard Roundup

longboard surfboard almond
The Longview by Almond Surfboards
longboard surfboard vw bus san onofre
9’2″ The Wedge by Degree 33
longboard surfboard mctavish
9’3 Dirt Nap / McTavish x Ming Nomchong Artist Collab Board
longboard surfboard mctavish
McTavish Surf x Ming Nomchong Artist Collab Board
longboard surfboard
9’2″ beauty by Wax Surf / photo by @niklasnyman
longboard surfboard
Picone Surfboards (formerly Affinità) / photo by @sojournimagery
longboard surfboard
9’0″ with fabric inlay by @johnnyborbone
longboard surfboard
9’6″ Bronco model by Paul Surf
longboard surfboard noserider aqua tint darkwood stringer
9’7″ aqua tint noserider with darkwood double stringer
longboard surfboard jive surf
10’0” – max roll bottom to double concave – by Jive Surf
longboard surfboard
psychedelic twinsies / photo by Mollusk Surf Shop
longboard surfboard
Kassia longboard by Dead Kooks
longboard surfboard
Mar Mar longboard by Folklore Surf
longboard surfboard walden
Custom 9’0 Magic Model by Walden Surfboards
longboard surfboard jive surf
9’2″ noserider by Jive Surf
longboard surfboard gato heroi
9’6 PlayPig by Gato Heroi
longboard surfboard
10’1″ Muñoz-inspired noserider by Martin Shapes
longboard surfboard
9’4 Surf Thump by Almond Surfboards / photo by @jeffrey_allee
longboard surfboard
9’8” by Son of Cobra… and matching BMW for good measure
longboard surfboard
9’6 noserider by Son of Cobra
longboard surfboard
9’6” Banana by Harbour Surfboards
longboard surfboard
9’5″ Sam’s Club by @troyelmore / photo by Daydream Surf Shop
longboard surfboard
9’6 Anderson Brothers Marshall / photo by Mollusk
longboard surfboard
9’6 Madrugada Tablas Mello Yello Modelo / photo by Mollusk
longboard surfboard dead kooks
9’6 Guerrero by Dead Kooks
longboard surfboard almond
9’4 Surf Thump by Almond Surfboards / photo by @alex_swanson
longboard surfboard
Logs by Paul Surf / left to right: Rays, V-Pig, & H65 models / photo by @keelerkev
longboard surfboard walden
9’0 Magic Model by Walden Surfboards
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  1. Tom

    Nice article, these boards look really cool. Which one is your personal favorite? I like the Kassia Longboard, amazing design and use of colors. It really is like a piece of art, after using it you can hang it on the wall at home on a SUP rack!

  2. David

    Some cool looking boards. But there are a few brands missing that have the traditional culture of shaping rather than using cnc. Maker surfboards is one of many left out. In an age of computer aided board building and mass production many true surfboard shapers are going back to the traditional methods because you can customize the board to the rider in a way a computer can’t.

  3. Sandy

    That article didn’t explain anything about the boards listed and what makes them ride better/worse/different than other longboards.

  4. Mark Jawdoszyn

    Great write-up. Always entertaining.

    1. Tara

      Thanks, Mark!

  5. MIguel Barradas

    Great article!

  6. chetana more

    Thank you for sharing your experience

  7. Sunny Pawar

    THANKS for sharing this wonderful and joyful blog.

    1. Tara

      Our pleasure!

  8. chris

    Hello, great article! I’d like to ask you what you think about electrical boards? Are you familiar with them, what do you think?

    1. Tara

      Hey Chris, happy you enjoyed the article! Electrical boards are obviously very different than normal surfboards, and I suppose it goes back to what kind of experience you’re looking for and why you’re considering an electrical board (whether you live inland or in an area without many waves, etc).
      I definitely wouldn’t recommend taking an electrical board into a lineup with other surfers. If you have an electrical board it would be best to keep your distance and find your own little peaks away from others. I’ve ridden an electrical board a couple of times in flat conditions and they are fun, but they are a completely different experience than normal surfing. I would liken them to like a motorized stand-up paddleboard, as you’re typically standing most of the time.
      I have a friend who bought a really expensive motorized surfboard and it broke down ALL THE TIME and the company was very far away so it was pain to try to get it fixed, etc. Also, it broke down one time when he was far out in the ocean and literally started sinking! He was lucky that some nearby people helped him out, but he almost saw $13,000 sink to the bottom of the ocean!!! If you’re considering buying one, I would do some serious research and especially consider their warranty and return policy because I think they are prone to going kaput. Is there a specific brand you are considering?



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