15 Surfboard Brands With Epic Style

surfboard retro ryan lovelace
photo via ryan lovelace surf|craft

Surfboard (noun): a specially designed board or craft on which humans stand upon while expressively gliding and maneuvering across the surface of waves in oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, and anywhere waves exist around the world. Riding a surfboard can cause extreme sensations of euphoria or ecstasy, aka stoke, and is best understood through firsthand experience of the sacred act.

Okay, you caught me. I just made this definition up, but it sounds pretty legit, huh? Surfing can be hard to describe because it’s one of those things that is best experienced to fully understand. Only a surfer knows the feeling.

A surfer’s paintbrush, our surfboard, is a very personal item. They come in all shapes and sizes and cater to various types of waves and surfing abilities.

For example, when surfing a fatter, slow-breaking, mushier wave I’ll grab a surfboard with more volume, a fuller outline, and a flatter rocker giving me the ability to paddle easier, catch more waves, and keep my speed through slower sections.

photo by margot landen

On the other hand, if the waves are bigger, faster, and steeper, I’ll most likely use a shortboard with a bit less volume, a more streamlined performance outline, and some extra rocker in the nose to make those steep critical take-offs. Check out our Shortboard Buyer’s Guide if you want to read more about the components of a shortboard and could use some help finding your next magic stick.

Now, it goes without saying that this is very general and there are so many more variables involved, such as the surfers’ skill and ability, their style and preference, and where they are surfing, but you get the gist.

With so many surfboard brands out there these days, finding the perfect surfboard can be a daunting task. Lucky for us, over the last decade, a lot of awesome surfboard brands and shapers have emerged making it easier to find or create your dream surf craft.

the guild surfboards

If you’re anything like me or most avid surfers out there, your quest for finding your dream surf craft is an ongoing and evolving endeavor, which is part of the beauty and allure of surfing. Endless variety. Just as every wave is different, so is every surfboard.

The longboard surfboard, the shortboard, fish, funboard, groveler, glider, bonzer, gun–the list goes on and on. And with each board, every slightest differentiation in shape, outline, fin type, fin setup, etc, will have an effect on how the surfboard ultimately feels and rides.

As your surfing evolves, so will technology, and shapes, and designs, alongside your own ideas about what makes the perfect surfboard.

Here at Lush Palm, we love ogling and drooling over beautifully made surfboards. So we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up some especially rad surfboard brands and shapers that we love oh so much.

And if you’re looking for a surfboard rack to display the best of your sweet quiver, check out 9 of The Coolest Surfboard Racks Ever.

Surfboard Brands




surfboard almond surfboards

surfboard almond surfboards
surfboard almond surfboards

surfboard almond surfboards

surfboard almond surfboards

surfboard almond surfboards
photos / 1-4 by jeffrey allee / 5 via almond surfboards / 6 by @nicopramos

based in costa mesa, california

almond surfboards website




surfboard brands

surfboard brands
surfboard brands

surfboard brands

surfboard brands
surfboard brands

based in san diego, california

affinità surf website




vw bus road trip

the guild surfboards

surfboard the guild

the guild surfboards

vw bus road trip
photos / 1 & 5 by margot landen / 2-4 via guild surfboards

based in santa ana, california

the guild surfboards website




wood surfboard hess surfboards

wood surfboard hess surfboards

wood surfboard hess surfboards
wood surfboard hess surfboards
wood surfboard hess surfboards
photos via hess surfboards

based in san francisco, california

hess surfboards website




surfboard jive surf

surfboard jive surf
surfboard jive surf

surfboard jive surf

surfboard design jive surf
photos via jive surf

based in carpinteria, california

jive surf website



watershed surfboard pink longboard

watershed surfboards egg mint
longboard watershed surfboards

watershed surfboards blue two tone

surfboard watershed surfboards green mini simmons
photos via watershed

based in newquay, cornwall

watershed surfboards website




surfboard pierson shapes colorful

surfboard palm print pierson shapes

surfboard pierson shapes green surfboard
surfboard birds of paradise print pierson shapes
surfboard glitter pierson shapes
photos via pierson shapes

based in orange county, california

pierson shapes website




surfboard feel flows portugal

surfboard longboard blue
surfboard twin fin feel flows portugal

surfboard longboard feel flows portugal

surfboard gold feel flows
photos via feel flows surfboards

based in northern portugal

feel flows surfboards website



surfboard floral print shortboard folklore

surfboard green shortboard folklore

surfboard gold green shortboard folklore

surfboards folklore
photos / 1,3 & 4 via folklore surf / 2 by kane skennar

based in bali & brooklyn

folklore surf website




surfboard retro ryan lovelace

surfboard yellow camel ryan lovelace
surfboard retro ryan lovelace

surfboard retro ryan lovelace

surfboard abstract art ryan lovelace
surfboard ryan lovelace shaper
surfboard ryan lovelace shaper
photos / 1-4, 6-7 via ryan lovelace surf|craft / 5 by aiden runner

based in santa barbara, california

ryan lovelace surf|craft



surfboard pink album surf

surfboard design album surf
surfboard neon pink album surf

surfboard black album surf

surfboard floral print album surf
photos / 1 by @lucyos / 2,3,5 via album surf / 4 by chris delorenzo

based in san clemente, california

album surf website




surfboard wood tilly


surfboard wood tilly fish

surfboard wood tilly

surfboard wood tilly
surfboard wood tilly
surfboard wood tilly
photos via tilly surfboards

based on the oregon coast

tilly surfboards website



surfboards ryan burch

surfboards ryan burch

surfboards ryan burch

surfboards ryan burch
photos via ryan burch

based in encinitas, california

ryan burch surfboards website




surfboard new york paul surf

surfboard new york paul surf

surfboard new york paul surf
surfboard new york paul surf
surfboard new york paul surf
photos via paul surf

based in rockaway, new york

paul surf website




surfboard print womens nusa indah

surfboard print womens nusa indah

surfboard print womens nusa indah

surfboard print womens nusa indah

surfboard print womens nusa indah
photos via nusa indah surfboards

based in australia

nusa indah surfboards website

What are your favorite surfboard shapers and brands? Let us know in the comments below!



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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. Beautiful boards. I know the article is from some while back but you should add Cheboards, based in Costa Rica, shaper JD started shaping as a kid and os a real craftsmen and besides brand Cheboards and Evangelista they also do the Lightning Bolts in Costa Rica and Robert August boards.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Mareike!

  2. Thank you so much for adding us, and the only UK brand which is amazing. Love the site, well done.

    1. Hey Jake – Our pleasure, love your boards! Thanks for the kind words. Cheers

  3. Stunning boards, in particular those of Ryan Lovelace and Album. Personally, if i bought one of these boards, I’d hate to ruin them by covering them with wax, they’re just too darn pretty!

  4. Vex surfboards in New England great handshaped

  5. Thank you for the mention! Super honored and humbled.


    Folklore Surf.

    1. Our pleasure! 🙂 x

  6. Just WOW!!! I want every single one of these boards!!!!

    1. So do we 🙂

  7. Hi I was just wondering if you shipped to the US? I happened to notice that you are based in Australia and I know that companies such as Dead Kooks do not

    1. Oh my gosh I’m sorry, I meant to send this to one of the companies but it must have exited out without my knowing

      1. No worries! Happy surfboard shopping 🙂

    2. Hi Sydney- Nusa Indah Surfboards are based in Australia and ship Worldwide. Feel free to shoot me an email to get a personal quote. Thank you, Jada [email protected]

  8. In my little east coast surfing town of New Smyrna Beach there are many excellent surfboard shapers. Randy Richenberg has been shaping great boards for over 40 years for many pro surfers. Also both Erie Peeples of Erie Surfboards and Greg Geiselman of Orion Surfboards has been putting out awesome boards for over 20 years, too.

    1. Nice! Thanks for the recommendations Dan!

  9. I agree, these brands have great style and design. But, you guys left out Jeff Mccallum surfboards. Both the company’s image and board design Should’ve been on that list too.

    1. Awesome, Shawn. Thanks for the tip! You’re right. Jeff McCallum’s surfboards look like they would be a great addition to the list! Good call…

  10. Hello! I’ve just discovered you featured our boards through Pinterest.
    Thank you for loving what we do!
    Jada- Nusa Indah Surfboards

    1. Hi Jada! We were planning on reaching out to you and you beat us to it! Love your boards 🙂 . The market is also in need of some very cool fins along the lines of your designs… maybe next project?! Keep up the lovely work! x

      1. Yes! This is something we plan to explore in the near future- wall mount systems also! x

        1. Awesomeness! Please give us a holler when you do!

  11. @Goldenstateglassing is doing some epic work for Alex Knost, Jared Mel, EC, Tanner, Troy Elmore, Wax, and Spacetime.

    Also, there is an American couple in mex doing some rad shit. Can’t remember the name. I’ll hunt around.

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