Surf Suits For Women / The Best Surf Swimwear for Lady Sliders

surf suits
Elena One Piece by SEPTEMBER / photo by Harry Mark

There are several things we lady surfers especially appreciate in the water: not getting surf tips from every other guy in the lineup, good wave etiquette, and comfy swimwear that looks good and doesn’t fall off in the surf.

I wish I could help with all of those things, but since I haven’t yet mastered my Jedi training I’m going to focus on that last item for today: swimwear. The only thing worse than a random guy telling you how to surf is flashing said random guy and everyone else in the water.

Lucky for us, there’s an increasing amount of super rad surfing suits for women on the market. Somewhere between a rash guard and a swimsuit, surf suits typically offer some sun protection with a lightweight feel, and most importantly, their best feature is that you don’t have to adjust them after every duck dive because they’re designed to stay on in the waves.

Whether you’re looking for a cheeky bum-exposed suit, more sun protection, or something in-between, we’ve rounded up some über cool surf swimwear for women so you can take your surf style game to the next level. And your non-flashing game. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. No judgment.

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Surf Suits for Women

woman with surfboard wearing cute surf suit

Poppler Rash Guard / Abysse

woman wearing one piece surf suit in white and yellow

Paris One Piece Suit in Ivory & Honey / SEPTEMBER

Nicole Surf Suit / Gigi C

women wearing surf suits

Tofino One-Piece Swimsuit / Seea

green long sleeve swimsuit

Guadalupe Surf Suit in Army Green / ninefoot

woman wearing long sleeve rash guard

Palomar Crop Top Rashguard & Georgia High-Waist Surf Bottoms / Seea

woman wearing long sleeve surf suit

Harper Surf Suit / Seea

Rhythm Long Sleeve Swimsuit / Boamar

surfer with surfboard wearing cute long sleeve surf suit

Jiver Vest & Jiver Shorts in Suntile / Inner Relm

surfer wearing green one-piece surf suit

Tofino One-Piece Surf Suit / Seea

woman wearing surfing suit at ocean

Signature Surf Suit in Cloud Wave / Toast

woman with surfboard wearing one piece surf bikini

Lido One-Piece Surf Suit in Gold Pua / Seea

girl with surfboard on oceanview balcony

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surfer wearing cute surf suit with flower print

Ehukai Piped Bodysuit / Acacia

Nazare Surf Bodysuit / Seea

surfer with surfboard wearing long sleeve rash guard for women

Sila Rash Guard & Flor Bikini Bottom in Lava / Seea

woman in surfing suit holding surfboard

Cici Surf Suit / Gigi C

woman at beach wearing one piece surf swimwear

Heidi Surf One-Piece in Summer Berry / free-est

woman wearing surfing suit at ocean

Sabrina Surf Suit / Gigi C

woman at the beach with surfboard wearing blue surf suit

Jade One-Piece Surf Suit in Electric Blue / Salt Gypsy

woman wearing one piece surf swimwear

Marosi Surf Suit / ninefoot

woman with surfboard wearing neon surf suit

Ophelia Long Sleeve Swimsuit / ONEONE

Wave Break Surf One-Piece / Rhythm

woman with surfboard wearing cute surf suit with print

Tank Short One-Piece in Vintage Brown / Rhythm

woman wearing cute one-piece at the beach

Mei Surf Suit / Agua Bendita

Valentina Surf Suit by Seea

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